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Courses created to help women clarify and activate their God-given calling!




Self-Pace Course





Self-Pace Course

Are you ready to work from your worth rather than for it? 


What you'll get:

  • 6 Lessons containing a total of 10 Coaching videos

  • 40 Page Ebook Download


You will learn: 

  • Your unique gifts & values 

  • Mindset model to anchor your behavior with belief that is true. 

  • How to set Goals that Glorify God and honor your gifting

  • Biblical Affirmations

  • A plan of action to move forward toward God's purpose

A guide for healing self-sabotage with God.


What you'll get:

  • 13 Professionally Recorded Training Videos

  • 90Page Ebook Download


This course will help you to....

  • IDENTIFY YOUR WOUNDINGS: Identify the core woundings in your story.

  • ADDRESS YOUR BROKEN BELIEFS: Address the broken beliefs that grew from the harm in your story.

  • ASSESS YOUR SELF SABOTAGING BEHAVIOR: Identify your defensive behaviors that provide a false sense of safety.

  • UNDERSTAND YOUR NEEDS: Understand what you need to receive from God and others in order to heal.

  • RECEIVE PRACTICAL SUPPORT:  Receive practical support for healing your mind, body, heart, and soul with God.

  • GAIN A NEW APPROACH: Gain a new approach to your work in your personal and professional life that honors your limitations, prioritizes your values, and deepens your intimacy with God and others.



Tori is a down to earth communicator, coach, and entrepreneur who engages people with her authenticity, wisdom, and passion for God and His word. Whether on stage speaking, coaching her clients, or sitting snuggled on a couch with a friend, her goal is to move others toward God in their story and live for eternity, now.


Her journey as a entrepreneur began in support of her husband, Matt, and his traveling band, I Am They. Reaching a point of burnout after a decade-long career in online sales, Tori began a two-year journey of healing from chronic stress and overworking that birthed a new passion within her to support female Christian leaders with trauma-informed coaching. 


Alongside her personal coaching and mentorship programs, Tori serves as the executive program and marketing director for Freedom Movement, a non profit providing trauma-informed and Biblically based coaching trainings and certification programs. 


Her and her husband, Matt, and two children, Micaiah and Amara, live in the Tennessee countryside just south of Nashville.

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