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A guide for healing self sabotage with God for ambitious women of faith.


Are you an ambitious woman of faith who is ready to disarm the power of fear, break your cycles of self-sabotaging behavior, and grow with God in a life that abides in His love and purpose?


Like most go-getters, you may have been taught to create the vision board, make a plan, then get to work until you see the outcomes you desire. That may work for a while… But, what do you do when….


Does This Feel Like You?

You reach a desired goal only to feel dissatisfied and unfulfilled?

Your all-or-nothing approach leaves you feeling like you’re never doing enough?

Your disappointment leaves

you setting your hopes

lower and lower?

You love people deeply but don’t trust them enough to let them really know you? 

You can’t shake the feeling that you aren’t worthy to receive good things?

Your confusion keeps you starting new things but you rarely follow through?

Your mind is always spinning and analyzing every possible negative outcome?

You’re resentful that you’re always there for others but no one cares about your needs?

but what if focusing on your behavior is limiting the authority, impact, joy, and freedom you were designed by God to steward in every area of your life?

God desires to break through the surface of your behavior to invade your story with His love and heal the root systems of your broken belief.


You have been taught that changing our habits will change our life,


Escape the cycles of stress, overwhelm, and shame you feel.


Establish safety in your relationship with yourself, God, and others.


Invite the love of God in to heal, restore, and anchor your life.

What Does Safety Have To Do With It?

Maybe you wouldn’t name “safety” as the answer to your problem with self sabotage. You just want to set goals, keep them, and somehow escape the cycles of stress, overwhelm, and shame you feel. But, when safety is established in your relationship with yourself, God, and others, you unlock the possibility of a new way of living. It’s only after the presence of safety outweighs the possibility of danger that you will become settled enough in your body, mind, and spirit to learn new responses to your fear that deepen your trust and faith. It’s within the boundaries of safety that you are empowered with choices and a life-long holistic approach to your wellbeing. This requires you to honestly engage your stories of harm to address the root systems of fear in your story so you can invite the love of God in to heal, restore, and anchor your life in His perfect love. 

This course will help you to…



Your Behavior


Stop minimizing or ignoring your fear and pain by changing your behavior.





Identify the core woundings in your story.



Broken Beliefs


Address the broken beliefs that grew from the harm in your story.





Identify your defensive behaviors that provide a false sense of safety.



Your Needs


Understand what you need to receive from God and others in order to heal.



Practical Support


Receive practical support for healing your mind, body, heart, and soul with God.



A New Approach


Gain a new approach to your work in your personal and professional life that honors your limitations, prioritizes your values, and deepens your intimacy with God and others.


What's Included In This Course...


13 Professionally Record Videos

Each video is carefully crafted to guide you through the process of self-discovery and spiritual growth with God. You'll be captivated by stories of faith, resilience, and transformation.


90 Page Ebook

Our comprehensive ebook is your companion throughout the course. Filled with wisdom, assessments, and practical exercises, it will be your guide to healing your story and anchoring your ambition in a life that abides in Christ.

Are You Ready?

If you're ready to let go of self-sabotage, receive God's love, and work from your worth, "Safe with God" is the course for you. Let’s embark on this life-changing journey with God together!

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