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Read the following details carefully to access the workshop. If you don't complete this step you won't be able to access the recording.

Please read this entirely, don't skim through it. It's short, I promise! :)

This online workshop is all about helping you understand your self sabotage forms, spiritual gifts, and how your story effects your perspective, mindset, and behavior.

Here's the thing... 

There are a lot of fantastic resources out there that provide great information but lack transformation. We want to offer you an interactive experience of this content with accountability and a human touch. 

Our desire is to create resources that penetrate deeper than another podcast recording or webinar. Let's be honest... you've already been there and done that.

When it comes to spirit-filled and trauma-informed coaching, connection is essential to building trust and truly seeing change take place. So, in order to lead with transformation in mind, we need everyone who engages this content to be intentionally supported. 

We are not going to ask you to invest any money to attend but we do need your "verbal confirmation" that you will watch the material within 7 days.

So, in order to gain access to the recorded material, you will just need to set up a short 10-15 minute "verbal confirmation call" with one of our work from worth team members. 

This is NOT a sales call. 

On that call, we will have a chance to meet you personally and ensure this content will be relevant for you to offer you the best support you're looking for.


During this first call, you will schedule a follow up call with Tori personally that serves as accountability to watch the content and offer us your valuable feedback. It will be during this time that you can ask questions and receive coaching concerning which next steps that are best for you. 

That's it! 

Please choose a time for your 10-15 minute "verbal confirmation" call below! On the call, you will receive access to the links and information you need to gain access to the recorded workshop!


For Eternity and Until, 

Tori Hein & The Work From Worth Team

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